Muto overview: a approach-most appealing electrical city bike
A near-perfect city bike with innovative ‘Click & Roll’ accessory system What makes the perfect electric city bike? That depends on who you ask and where they live. For Europeans, a bicycle is often the primary mode of transportation in relatively flat, bike-friendly cities like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, or Berlin. We ride our bikes everywhere —…

A approach-most appealing city bike with modern ‘Click on & Roll’ accent map

What makes the apt electrical city bike? That depends on who you question and where they’re residing.

For Europeans, a bicycle is typically the main mode of transportation in moderately flat, bike-pleasant cities relish Amsterdam, Copenhagen, or Berlin. We fling our bikes all over the place the space — to work, retail outlets, daycare, and cafes — earlier than locking them up initiating air every night. We train our bikes to carry up groceries, kids, and Christmas bushes, infrequently all on the the same time, while mates straddle the rear provider to hitch a fling.

In such an environment, the apt e-bike must be cheap, adaptable, sturdy, and without misfortune serviceable. It can moreover be as very most appealing-attempting because the young European mavens who’re extra and extra buying e-bikes for the capabilities of a extra match, extra environmentally pleasant walk.

Hundreds e-bikes tick some of those containers, however I’ve yet to search out one which ticks every field wanted for each day commuting in my home city of Amsterdam. Except now. It’s made, surprisingly, by Stella — a Dutch company known for making fully forgettable e-bikes preferred by grandparents.

Three years within the past, Stella tasked a limited inner crew with shedding its stodgy image by designing an e-bike that would charm to young urbanites. The quit consequence’s is important as Muto, a pedal-assisted electrical bike that has the doable to become the default e-bike for Europe and beyond.

Electrical bikes are exploding in reputation globally. There are just a few breakout brands relish VanMoof on the premium quit, Rad Vitality within the center, and Swagtron on the funds aspect, with heaps of of brands filling the gaps. Some e-bike makers are in fact unusual, however many, particularly on the low quit, are diminutive greater than nameplates affixed to off-the-shelf Chinese language e-bikes assembled from a catalog. In any case, the alternate will coalesce around just a few winners, however steady now, it’s somebody’s sport.

More contemporary e-bikes are sold within the Netherlands than traditional bikes, and Muto’s parent company Stella claims to promote greater than any diversified stamp. The 10-three hundred and sixty five days-light Dutch bike maker, headquartered in Nunspeet, about 50 miles east of Amsterdam, had been assembling about 600 e-bikes a day prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

Particularly, Muto has a removable battery that neatly integrates (and locks) into the downtube. Most Stella bikes suffer from bolton-exia — a situation native to e-bike makers tainted at obtain. Symptoms consist of bulbous growths on the downtube (Rad Vitality!) or slothful slabs of lithium resting on rear carriers (Swagtron!). Muto has none of that. It’s obvious that Muto’s designers sweated every final detail.

As such, Muto affords Stella access to a booming contemporary market of young urban commuters. It’s greater than correct a brand contemporary bike; it’s a brand contemporary stamp that depends on a brand contemporary European producer that manages distribution from Venlo, not Nunspeet, a Dutch city along the German border.

Muto’s first e-bike has typical rotten-level specs for Europe: a 250W motor with 25 km/h (15.5 mph) high hotfoot and a 70km (Forty three.5 mile) estimated fluctuate when blueprint to medium energy, or Forty km (24.9 miles) when blueprint to max, primarily based entirely mostly on Muto. The 252Wh battery recharges to corpulent in about Three.5 hours.

I was in a predicament to habits a single persistence take a look at, taking the battery from 100% to zero over a distance of 31.2km (19.four miles). Even supposing the take a look at was performed over flat terrain, it was a extraordinarily windy (15-knot moderate) day. Fortunately, the bike was very easy to pedal home the final 2.Eight km (about 1.7 miles) under my maintain energy, attributable to the approach-frictionless drivetrain and eight-hotfoot shifter.

Nonetheless the fling is the least appealing half of owning a Muto.


The name “Muto” is a play on phrases relish “metamorphosis” and “multipurpose” hinting on the e-bike’s unmatched ability to adapt.

To initiate up, the immense M stamp is greater than a nod to the name; it’s moreover the form of the frame. The step-by M-frame is steady for riders ranging from 159cm to 190cm big (5 toes, 2 inches to 6 toes, 2 inches), which covers Eighty percent of Europeans, primarily based entirely mostly on Muto. The aluminum is glued relish an plane, not welded, for a seamless stumble on. It’s on hand in dusky, grey, blue, and white. The dusky frame is my preference, while the grey frame appears to be like to be like particularly sunless, relish a lustrous coat of furnishings primer.

My overview bike came with the huge seat post, which was dazzling for my 183cm (6-foot) frame. I was moreover in a predicament to comfortably train the shorter post. My wife, who measures 164 cm (5 toes, 5 inches), examined the bike with the immediate saddle and figured out the bottom environment on the high aspect despite being three inches (7.6 cm) taller than Muto’s stated minimum. The saddle is terribly cushy over lengthy distances though the default riding space is rather sporty. The handlebar may moreover be adjusted better for folks that utilize a extra correct riding vogue.

Muto’s ultimate innovation, though, is with the interchangeable “Click on & Roll” map. It lets you hasty add or put off away a massive fluctuate of Muto-designed containers, luggage, and carriers to the entrance and rear of the bike. The mounts may moreover be locked with a key to forestall theft.

9 configurations in sixty nine seconds.

Headed to the space of job? Snap Muto’s graceful €Fifty nine,Ninety five Chameleon Bamboo provider onto the support to carry up Muto’s water-resistant €sixty nine.Ninety five Starfish pannier stuffed with your computer, lunch, and rain equipment. In case you advance home, trudge away the computer catch within the support of, switch the provider to the entrance, and snap the €65 Urban Iki rear child seat onto the support. A bar constructed-in into the frame folds reduction over the rear fender to make stronger the weight of your kid. The video above reveals nine configurations in precisely sixty nine seconds.

Sure, contemporary fogeys, that system that it’s seemingly you’ll without misfortune trudge away the baby seat at home on date night, allowing you to carry up some semblance of pride when pulling up initiating air that stylish contemporary cocktail bar.

At launch, Muto is on hand with five diversified custom-designed carriers of varying sizes and five diversified luggage. Muto says extra equipment are on the system.


Muto is constructed sophisticated. The e-bike weighs 23.5 kg (fifty one.Eight pounds) earlier than the total equipment are added. Its a diminutive smaller 26-drag wheels are apt for cities and advance fitted with Schwalbe Pleasant Apple tires which may maybe be huge sufficient to hover across tram rails and ruts. Shimano hydraulic disc brakes end the bike assuredly, even when loaded down with an adult, child, and just a few days’ price of groceries. A sturdy center-mount stand keeps the bike correct when it’s time to step away.

To take a look at the durability of the Click on & Roll map, I took my daughter, who weighs Forty kilograms (88 pounds) for a fling while sitting within the Chameleon provider connected on the rear. Muto says the rear provider is rated for 20 kg (10 kg on the entrance) or 27 kg with child seat. Nonetheless, it held up, even supposing her body space created a highly efficient lever power on the mount as we bounced along Amsterdam’s cobbled roads.

The brake and equipment cables are semi-exposed however mostly routed by the frame in teach to carry up a ways flung from snagging when parked in crowded bike racks. The cable administration moreover affords the bike a tidy, completed stumble on.


Muto is ultimate sold online. Meaning no local bike shop to bitch to when one thing goes defective. Fortunately, initiating air of the entrance-hub motor and electronics, most of Muto’s parts are repairable by any bike shop. Muto’s parent company Stella has over forty five bike retail outlets within the Netherlands and is opening its first retail outlets in Belgium and Germany this three hundred and sixty five days.

24/7 roadside assistance is on hand in put off countries when buying insurance protection by Muto (extra on that later). And likewise you’ll indubitably need insurance protection while you’re planning to trudge away your expensive electrical city bike parked initiating air.

Fortunately, Muto’s drivetrain consists of a upkeep-free Gates carbon belt force and Nexus Eight inner geared hub. Meaning eight speeds with no rust, no derailleur, no external lubrication, and no splatter in your trousers.

Muto supplies a 30-day money-reduction guarantee and same outdated two-three hundred and sixty five days guarantee. If the electronics or motor fails, that it’s seemingly you’ll contact Muto for repairs, which may maybe involve a pickup and return in a specially designed Muto return field. Person arrangement with instructions may moreover be ordered straight from Muto. Whereas that sounds obvious, it’s not so easy when buying €500 e-bikes off Amazon or Indiegogo. Muto is an e-bike you’ll withhold for years, not unless the main breakdown.

Price for money

Muto is being offered for an introductory worth of €1,549 (plus shipping) that jumps to €1,699 at some undefined point within the future. That’s not cheap, however it’s moreover not expensive — it’s steady within the candy notify for what you ought to inquire of to pay for an correct-quality electrical city bike that will take care of up to each day train for years.

Muto may moreover be purchased anyplace, however it’s prioritizing four European countries at launch. Shipping to the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany expenses €30, or €Forty nine to Denmark. You’ll want to to moreover rob it from the US, however delivering it goes to also very successfully be expensive since Muto hasn’t made any in a foreign country shipping arrangements yet.

Muto comes with an true-wheel lock constructed-in into the frame. Nonetheless, it doesn’t offer any type of GPS theft recovery figured out on extra premium bikes. As a exchange, Stella has partnered with Kingpolis insurance protection within the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium. The insurance protection expenses about €Eight month-to-month, relying upon blueprint, and can even be terminated after the main three hundred and sixty five days. It covers bike theft, damage, and 24/7 breakdown assistance in Europe.

The rotten Muto comes with a ton of facets you’ve got to pay extra for from diversified brands. These consist of a straightforward bell, mudguards, reflectors, and constructed-in entrance and tail lamps, including adorable diminutive “Muto” lights on the aspect of the bike. The lights can’t be turned off as a topic of safety, primarily based entirely mostly on the corporate.

In case you’re buying a Muto, then you definately’ll indubitably be buying one of the provider equipment. Fortunately, those are moreover affordable, however you’ll desire to pay between €5 and €10 to delight in them shipped.

Muto bikes are on hand now to test-fling in Amsterdam, with Berlin and Copenhagen pop-usacoming rapidly.

So. Muto ticks the total containers, however is it most appealing? Now not rather.

To initiate up with, the withhold watch over pad mounted on the handlebar that reveals the battery and energy ranges is exhausting to push. For my riding preference, the difficulty is livid by the desire to push the tip button seven conditions on every occasion the bike activates in teach to obtain it reduction into max energy mode. (It can ideally bear in mind the final environment.) Muto helps nine pedal-assisted energy modes, which feels relish five too many on the aspect toll road. Muto doesn’t offer any type of app integration, which is okay by me.

Vitality is delivered quietly and evenly to the pedals. I rode my take a look at Muto nearly solely in max-energy mode because the lower energy modes require extra effort than I’m appealing to make train of up (train!) on an e-bike. Getting the bike started depends nearly solely on leg energy. That’s attributable to Muto is ultimate fitted with a cadence sensor to search out out when to have interaction the motor, as in opposition to a extra sophisticated (and expensive) torque sensor that delivers energy extra intuitively. It’s dazzling: the gears shift smoothly and reliably.

Muto moreover lacks a throttle as you presumably guessed. In case you’re buying for a hulking seven-hundred-watt car that rides relish a moped, then Muto isn’t the e-bike for you. So-called “hotfoot pedelecs” needs to be ridden on streets alongside autos in a lot of Europe, as a alternative of the safety of bike paths, making them impractical for train as city bikes.

Muto does delight in scoot make stronger, though. Pushing the lower button on the withhold watch over pad activates the motor to offer sufficient energy to without misfortune push the bike up special bike ramps figured out next to the stairwells in European train stations, as an instance.

I moreover delight in a modest inconvenience with Muto quality withhold watch over. The precious take a look at bike I obtained looked to delight in a a diminutive warped disc brake, which brought about the entrance wheel to rub severely while riding. I couldn’t investigate cross-test the warp, however I will even hear it, and a €1,500 bike ought to fling silently, even on the cobbled roads of Amsterdam. Then, on my alternative bike, I figured out the rear-wheel lock sophisticated to shut. It sounds minor, however the annoyance builds to a crescendo ought to you’re struggling with it just a few conditions every day.

I ought to demonstrate that my bikes had been labeled as pre-manufacturing bikes, approach the closing stage of pattern earlier than mass manufacturing begins. At the least one bike was moreover used by one other reviewer earlier than I obtained it. Which may repeat the hardware points, or may not.

The points had been minor, and I will even not even mention them if the bike worth €750. Nonetheless at twice that worth a buyer ought to inquire of extra. Regardless, while you’re drawn to buying, that it’s seemingly you’ll delight in to wait just a few weeks to obtain sure Muto works out any bugs that can even exist in its manufacturing and assembly direction of.

Muto is a pretty e-bike designed for city dwellers who train, or desire to make train of, bicycles as their valuable mode of transportation. It’s so unswerving, with so many considerate facets on hand at such an cheap worth, that it goes to also very successfully become the Toyota Camry or VW Golf of electrical bikes.

In case you’re in Europe and out there to rob an e-bike, Muto ought to be approach the tip of the checklist for consideration.

Update March thirty first, Eight:45AM ET: Review up up to now with affirmation from Muto that my overview bikes had been pre-manufacturing units.

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